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Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus

Google Inc. sekali lagi cuba memecah dominasi Facebook dalam rangkaian sosial dengan memperkenalkan satu perkhidmatan baru dikenali sebagai Google Plus.
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google plus billyinfo1 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
Google menyatakan perkhidmatan baru itu akan menghubungkan semua sifat perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan di talian, menjadikannya sebagai sebuah rangkaian sosial.
Pengasas bersama Google, Larry Page mahu menjadikan enjin carian nombor satu di Internet itu sebagai satu jaringan sosial kerana orang ramai lebih menggunakan Facebook dan Twitter.
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google plus billyinfo2 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
Bagi membezakan perkhidmatan tersebut, Google menyatakan ia mempunyai pendekatan lebih baik berhubung privasi, perkara yang menjadi isu dalam rangkaian sosial sebelum ini.
Google Plus menawarkan pendekatan ‘rangkaian’ rakan dan kenalan di mana pengguna boleh menguruskan rakan mengikut rangkaian anggota keluarga, rakan sekerja atau rakan kolej, apa yang hendak dikatakan selain perkongsian gambar dan video atau pelbagai maklumat dalam kumpulan kecil itu sahaja.
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google plus billyinfo3 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
”Dalam dunia di talian, terdapat perkhidmatan dikenali sebagai perkongsian kotak di mana anda tidak akan tahu ke mana perkara yang dimasukkan dalam kotak itu atau siapa akan membaca atau adakah ia akan memalukan anda dalam tempoh enam bulan akan datang.
”Bagi kami, privasi adalah perkara penting,” kata Timbalan Presiden Pengurusan Produk Google, Bradley Horowitz.
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google plus billyinfo4 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
Facebook yang dikritik kerana menyediakan kawalan privasi yang memeningkan pengguna, pada tahun lepas memperkenalkan satu ciri yang membolehkan pengguna membentuk kumpulan-kumpulan kecil rakan.
Google Plus akan dibuka kepada sejumlah kecil pengguna dalam sesi percubaannya. Syarikat enjin carian itu tidak pula memaklumkan tarikh ia akan diperluaskan kepada semua pengguna.
Berikut merupakan Preview Google Plus (note: preview ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris)
In Google Plus, your friends or followers will have to take prior permission from you, if they want you to tag in a photo or video. There is no Wall so the question of spam links and malicious apps being posted on your profile is burned to death. If you tag someone in a post, and share it only with him, none else can see it. Not even mutual friends !
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google plus billyinfo5 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
Your Google Plus life stream will contain updates from all the people whom you are following. This includes photos, status updates, videos and comments from people whom you have added to your Google + circles.
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google plus billyinfo6 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
On the right pane, you will notice that all the circles will be listed one after another. Click the name of a circle and you should see the filtered life stream, containing updates from people who have been added to that particular circle only. This is super useful and helps you to stay in touch with family members, and friends, so you never miss out catching up the updates of “quiet” people among those who are highly active on Google plus.
On the top right corner of your Google plus profile, you will notice a sleek notifications button. This little kid will continue monitoring your Google plus activity and alert you whenever someone comments in a post you commented earlier, someone replies to your status update or tags you in a photo uploaded by you.
Further, you will see a brief preview of which of your friends are participating in a discussion within your circle. This is really nice and quite similar to Facebook, the only difference here is that there would be no notification like “Mr X tagged you in a photo” . Anyone who wants to tag you in a photo will have to obtain your prior permission, which is very very useful and a godsend.
Every social network has an option to send instant messages to their followers and friends and Google Plus is no exception. The chat widget is placed down the bottom of right pane where you can click the name of a person and send him an instant message right away.
Contrary to Facebook and Twitter, there is no way to send private messages to your Google plus friends and contacts. Instead, there is a handy option called “Email’ placed right below the profile photo of your Google Plus friend, click it and you can send a private message directly to his email inbox.
Please note that your friends can choose whether he wants to allow you to send him an email or not. In some profiles, you may not find the “Email Me” option, this is because the person has customized his email settings to suit his needs.
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google plus billyinfo7 Menyelongkar Laman Sosial Terbaru: Google Plus
Android users can install the official Google plus application using this link. Here are some screenshots of Google plus application for Android.
There are a lot of other tips and tricks for Google plus which you should learn. We are still digging out more features, settings and shortcuts for Google plus, come back soon!


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